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Top Tips for Storage seekers

Top tips for seeking storage space!

Find the right space for you!

Research - A little research goes a long way! Search in different areas close to your address to compare the prices you find. We want you to save as much money as possible so look for the right deal even if it means traveling a few extra miles.

Comfort - No brainer! Make sure you’re comfortable with the listers profile. People who have taken time with their profile will generally take time to care for your storage items. 

Have a question? - Do not be afraid to ask questions to a lister. Remember we do have a FAQ page [FAQ LINK] which should cover most questions you may have. In addition we have a secure messaging system to ensure your privacy while messaging.

Is the location good but the space doesn't match your needs? - If the location fits your needs but the space is to big, we would recommend contacting the lister and asking if they can rent out a smaller space for you. This would mean that they still receive some income while having another small space ready to rent out.

3, 4, 5 Stars? - Write a review, and help each other by sharing experiences. We hope you have read through the reviews of users when you are looking to find space. Please continue this trend as it helps both future seekers as well as current listers.

Pack, pack and pack - It may seem like a lot of effort now but it will benefit you in the long run. The benefits are endless; keeping dust of, protection and saving space to name a few. Packing your items will also mean the Providers space will be kept neat and tidy which should result in a smooth storage exchange.

Inventory.... “Check” - Write down an inventory list of all your items. Keeping a list gives you that priceless piece of mind. In addition, on the off chance anything goes missing or is damaged, we will be able to cover the cost only if you have an inventory list.

Stay one step ahead - Once you have found an ideal new home for your belongings, make sure you have hired a car/van ready for the date of your move. It is also worth dragging a friend who owes you a favor if you have a lot of items! Moving in general is stressful and we want to make the experience as smooth as possible. 

Access issues - We all suddenly need at least one item once it has been put into storage. Be sure to place items you may want to access in the front so they can be accessed easily and quickly.

Look up! - Height is an underrated factor in storage. Stack boxes if you can to utilize the space.


Our Packing Guide - Three top tips


1. Don’t move drawers, wardrobes etc while full, you can easily break them and strain your back. Fill them up once the unit has been moved/assembled. We wouldn’t recommend placing furniture directly on the floor either. Using plastic or old bedsheets to stop the foot of the furniture being damaged.

2. Clothes should be packed in strong secure boxes

3. Cushions should be wrapped in plastic casing to avoid ripping and tearing. We would also recommend placing a sheet on top of your items to stop them from collecting dust.


Breakables such as glass

1. Wrap up all breakable items separately in old newspaper or bubble wrap and make sure they are marked “Fragile”

2. Use sturdy boxes. No brainer!

3. “Fragile’ marked boxes should be placed on top of heavy boxes to ensure they don’t break.


Electronic items

1. Ideally, you want to pack electrical items in their original cases.

2. Ensure that all electrical equipment is dry and and clean before storing.

3. If you are storing a refrigerator or freezer, make sure they are empty, dry and clean to prevent moisture and mildew from damaging any of your valuables. Also be sure they are also slightly left open.

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