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Top Tips for Storage Hosts

Top Tips for listing storage space!

Make space and have a profile worth checking out!

2 is better than 1 - If you have a large space to rent out, consider splitting up the space into multiple spaces. Most people have a ‘small’ to ‘medium’ amount of stuff they want stored so rather than offering up one large space for rent, offer up two or three! You can manage these all as separate storage spaces from ‘My Account’ and receive multiple incomes from one section of your house.

It’s all about the image! We are not asking for you to use the latest camera on the market but having a picture is important. It needs to be clear and give the viewer the ability to judge the space for their items.  Have more than one picture - pictures from different angles give the seeker a better idea of the space you are listing.

Stand out - Take some time to make your profile attractive and friendly. Who are you? Why should I choose you? Make your personality show. A photo also helps. People like dealing with people!

Be realistic - Note: We advise seekers to search multiple listings to find themselves a great deal. You should do the same. It is better to be making £10 a week rather than listing for £20 and being shown no interest. We want you to be making money! And you could be renting out to two people paying £10 for half of the space each - even better!

Storage Value Checker - Check out our recommend price when listing a space for a rough idea. This can be found on the “Create your listing space” page.

Upgrade! Increase your advert to a Premium listing for a one off payment for £5.99 (Let's face it, you will make this money back in your first week of having a successful match!)

Market your space - Why not list the link to your Facebook account or Tweet it to us. We all have that friend of a friend... you know, who needs to rent space!

Every little helps - Small spaces can also earn you money too such as having space in your wardrobe, under the bed and/or even the cupboard under the stairs. There are many people looking for small items to store away such as their Christmas decorations, books, or a couple of boxes of old photos. It’s free to list on Storemates so what is stopping you? (Remember: we have no hidden costs so it won’t cost you anything even if you find a match)

Declutter - You can’t list a space without making space! It’s more than likely you can move some of your items around the house to free up some space to rent out and start making money!

The Loft - Clean out your loft and start making it do something for you. Lay some floor boards down and rent out part of it on Storemates. Please note: If you have not done so, this is also a good opportunity to lag and insulate your loft too, before you board the floor. There are numerous grants available to help you do this; check on your Local Authority website to see if you are eligible. The savings on heating bills from insulating alone will pay for the work. Plus if you start renting out the loft as storage you could earn a substantial income too.

The Garage - Clear out your garage and rent out part of it. If you have a single garage where you keep your car, you may still be able to accommodate a couple of bikes, or an old lockable wardrobe which can be used for storage. If you have a double garage and only one vehicle, why not consider renting out the other side as a storage unit.

Makeover? A quick clean of the area is a good idea plus we would recommend adding any old sheets you might have to areas outside the house e.g Laying a sheet down on the garage floor.

Be creative! - If you are about to buy a garden shed consider putting in one slightly larger than you need - and section off a part to rent out as self storage. This could finance the whole shed over a year!


Our Packing Guide - Three top tips


1. Don’t move drawers, wardrobes etc while full, you can easily break them and strain your back. Fill them up once the unit has been moved/assembled. We wouldn’t recommend placing furniture directly on the floor either. Using plastic or old bedsheets to stop the foot of the furniture being damaged.

2. Clothes should be packed in strong secure boxes

3. Cushions should be wrapped in plastic casing to avoid ripping and tearing. We would also recommend placing a sheet on top of your items to stop them from collecting dust.


Breakables such as glass

1. Wrap up all breakable items separately in old newspaper or bubble wrap and make sure they are marked “Fragile”

2. Use sturdy boxes. No brainer!

3. “Fragile’ marked boxes should be placed on top of heavy boxes to ensure they don’t break.


Electronic items

1. Ideally, you want to pack electrical items in their original cases.

2. Ensure that all electrical equipment is dry and and clean before storing.

3. If you are storing a refrigerator or freezer, make sure they are empty, dry and clean to prevent moisture and mildew from damaging any of your valuables. Also be sure they are also slightly left open.

4 Great Reasons to use Storemates


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