Listing Confirmation - Storemates

Listing Confirmation


Thank you for listing your space, 

You will now to start to receive messages and storage requests.  Please make sure you respond as soon as possible and ideally within 48 hours.

You will also need to add a Bank Account to your Stripe account, so that you can get paid. You will receive a Welcome email from Stripe asking you to verify your account and add your bank details. You can wait until you receive a booking to do this, but why not do it now so that you are ready to get paid for your unused space?!

Once you have found a storemate please ensure you use a storage agreement so things run smoothly and you qualify for the Storage Protection Guarantee. Why not download it now and keep it for when you rent your space.

Click here to go to your dashboard where you can see your listing and edit it at any time.

4 Great Reasons to use Storemates


Storemates offers you a simple, cost-effective, local storage solution near you for items you no longer have room for. Whether it's old treasures you want to keep, or items you dont use regularly, our storage service connects you with trusted, verified local people who have some secure space available to rent. We provide a legal contract, verification, safeguards, secure payments and our FREE £10,000 Storemates Protection Cover for your total peace of mind.

Storemates covers up to £10000 in Storage Protection Guarantee