100 Brighton lofts would mean 1 less unsightly storage warehouse. - Storemates

100 Brighton lofts would mean 1 less unsightly storage warehouse.

Storemates is coming to Brighton! As the storage revolution gathers momentum and more people discover the community solution to self storage that is Storemates, we are rolling out our service to the coast. And this time it's David versus Goliath!

We are stepping up the challenge to the outdated, unenvironmental commercial storage industry with it's sprawling, unsightly warehouses. For every 100 households that store their items in a neighbours space through our website, we can prevent another giant tomb of dusty possessions from being built.

If you live or work in the Brighton & Hove area, look out for us this month. We are also thinking of a stunt to launch our challenge to the big storage facilities, any suggestions? What would you do to get our point across in a visual and exciting way? We are open to any suggestions no matter how ridiculous...

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Storemates offers you a simple, cost-effective, local storage solution near you for items you no longer have room for. Whether it's old treasures you want to keep, or items you dont use regularly, our storage service connects you with trusted, verified local people who have some secure space available to rent. We provide a legal contract, verification, safeguards, secure payments and our FREE £10,000 Storemates Protection Cover for your total peace of mind.

Storemates covers up to £10000 in Storage Protection Guarantee