About us

What is Storemates?

Storemates is a unique concept in self storage. By matching people who require storage space with people who have space, we can save up to 50% off the price of commercial storage while those with space earn money by renting it out. The planet wins too, as we are utilising unused space rather than building more commercial storage warehouses on valuable city sites. 

Searching for storage and renting your storage space is free. When you find a successful match, we take a small fee of 15% from the monthly transaction to cover our costs as well as offering our Storemates Protection Guarantee to protect your space and items. We have a secure payment gateway managed by GoCardless who take their fee from our admin charge, so there are no extra costs to you.

Optional premium listings are also available. An upgrade is available for those looking to promote and highlight their storage space. Unlike commercial self storage, there are no hidden costs!


Meet the Team

Director and co founder at StorematesShaff Prabatani

Director and co-founder Shaff has 20+ years experience setting up and managing innovative projects in the public sector. He's won awards and is internationally recognised for his management. He likes travel, loves quirky art and plays the tabla very badly.



Director and co-founder at StorematesBen Rogers

Director and co-founder Ben has 15+ years experience in marketing and running innovative businesses. He likes sunshine, satay sauce and 70s cinema. In that order.



Head of operations at StorematesBally Sappal

Head of Operations Bally is a Clore Social Fellow with over 17 years experience in the social sector. She's always fueled on good quality coffee. She doesn't like decaf.



In the Beginning

The concept of Storemates was first thought up by Shaff. After his partner Louise moved into his very small flat, who not long after surprised him with the news that the two of them were going to become three. His first reaction was “Where are we going to put everything?!”  They knew it was going to be a struggle to find the space in their flat to accommodate all the things required before the baby was even born.

Turned off by the expensive cost of commercial storage, Shaff designed a simple flyer asking neighbours if they had any space in their houses, offering to pay a few pounds a month in return. He posted them through letterboxes and within a week he received 15 phone calls from friendly neighbours. People he'd never spoken to before offered him space for his stuff in their lofts, garages and spare rooms. He settled for part of the garage of a neighbour, who in turn was grateful for the additional income.

Inspired by this solution, Shaff and old friends, Jason and Ben decided to take this simple idea forward. They created a digital service where people could benefit from this cost effective way of storing items. They called it Storemates.

Storemates connects people who have free storage with those who need storage. No costly sign up fees, no hidden costs. Just simple storage options, allowing you to make money from your unused space, or find space at affordable prices.

Join storemates today and list your space risk free!

The cheapest way to store in the UK50% cheaper

Safe and secure way to store your stuffSafe & Secure

Find storage space in your local areaLocal to you

Storemates is a eco-friendly companyEco-friendly

Storemates covers up to £10000 in Storage Protection Guarantee